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The end of the year is a time of high stress and hopefully a high amount of fun. To make things easier, I have created a series of gift guides for the different people in your life. 

For the first post of this series, we will be looking at gift ideas for the "adult" friend in your life. You know, like the friend that already has a "grown-up" job, is starting their own business, or anyone that could benefit from a purposeful gift. 



1. Leather Envelope
For that friend that prefers to work from a coffeeshop (ahem me), this is a stylish way of carrying all your electronic needs. 

2. Stainless Steel Straws
Simple changes like using a reusable straw or cup will significantly reduce your consumption of plastic. These stainless steel straws have a natural curve that makes it easy to sip on tea or water.

3. Moleskine Planner
Classic, elegant, and timeless, Moleskine planners have been a long time favorite of mine because of the minimalist design. Their planners (and their notebooks) are easy to customize to your own liking and I love that you have the hard cover as an option. I get it every year and it retains its structure. 

4. Louis Vuitton Cardholder
Cardholders are easy to travel with because you never have to worry about whether they will fit into your purse of not. This one from Louis Vuitton is classic, durable, and will elevate any "casual" coffee photo op.

5. The Subtle Art of Not Giving Fuck by Mark Manson
This book is not about being "too cool" and lacking emotion, it's about being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Not everyone in life will succeed, and whether it's fair or not, people need to learn to be okay even when things are not going well. Manson's book reminds you to look at things in an honest perspective, and to stop caring when things truly do not matter. 

6. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
Everyone can exceptional, except they can't. The playing field is definitely not equal and it will take more than just hard work to succeed. In this book, Gladwell dives into the unexpected factors that contribute to success. Did you know that your birthday will determine your chances of playing sports professionally? Read Outliers to find out how your birthday affects your skills. 

7. Cold Brew Coffee Infusion Bottle
Cold brew is "easy" to make because all you need to do is leave coffee beans in cold water overnight, and by morning you have your daily dose of caffeine ready to go. This bottle makes the process that much easier.