2018 New Year's Resolutions

Hopper & Burr // Santa Ana, CA

Hopper & Burr // Santa Ana, CA

“As a new year approaches, so does the opportunity at a “fresh start” or “reset” on life. 

I don’t even remember what I planned to do with my year at the beginning of 2017. I actually don’t think that I even set any resolutions or made promises to myself. In May, I graduated from university with a bachelor’s in a field that I had been “tracked” towards. However, as I was looking for graduate programs, I realized that none of them sounded as interesting as UX or MBA programs, things that I didn’t even consider during undergrad and I was definitely not qualified to apply to. 

The summer after graduation was really weird, confusing, and I became very physically unhealthy. I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life and now I was more confused than ever about what to do next. 

In August, I decided to write down some promises/resolutions to myself in order to gain control of my seemingly terrible predicament. I set my new intentions (my preferred term) for the remainder of 2017. On a card, I wrote down what needed to change about my life and I gave myself 6-months to complete those tasks.

For 2018, I will continue to work on those four intentions for the upcoming year:

1. HEALTH - I have resolved to work out more frequently (4x a week) and consume less dessert coffee drinks (like 7 Leaves’ House Coffee) and less processed sugar. I don’t aim for abs, but my goal is to stay a size small in tops or 3 in pants. Even if my motivation right now is just to look good, this will definitely benefit my health in the long run.

2. BE TRUE - Meaning, I need to stand for what I stand and not make any excuses for it. I am what I am and I like what I like it, and it doesn’t need to be explained to anyone. If I want to dress like Martha Stewart during the day and the lead singer of a glam metal band at night, then that’s me. It goes a lot deeper than my sartorial decisions, but ya know~


3. DILIGENCE - Now that I'm out of college, I owe it to myself to be productive and pursue things that I love. I'm not going to get anywhere if I don't initiate the pursuit and follow through. Planning is easy, but I won't land a job if I don't follow through with sending in required documents, and I won't lose weight if I don't fit in at least a run into my day. To transition into a better phase of my life, I need to make a concerted effort to change things myself with a strong follow-through.  

4. CREATE MORE - Even as a little kid I loved to create collages, take photos, and curate content online. I lost touch with this creative outlet during undergrad. The only time I got to be creative was at my job, on the rare occasion that we had time to do arts and crafts. I decided to pursue my hobby for taking photos and writing blog posts to compensate for the fact that I was unhappy with my career choices. 

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