#SelfCareSundays: Skincare HABITS

"How you treat yourself in your 20s will determine whether you'll age like wine or milk" 

Aging is inevitable, and we can do so gracefully by taking preventative steps. I am approaching my mid-20s and have already noticed an increase in sunspots and less elasticity in my forehead. While small imperfections may not be obvious to those around you, realizing that you are no longer as fresh-faced as you used to be can negatively play with your emotions. 

Growing old is a gift that not all get to experience but that does not mean we have to look the part. Sun exposure is usually the biggest culprit in aging a person, and while the summer sun may feel good beaming against your face it also puts you at risk of skin cancer. Why not honor your body by creating habits that will benefit you in more ways than one?

The following is a list of habits that I am continuously practicing and improving upon in order to put my best face out there. 

1. Washing my face daily. Seems like an obvious one but an easy one to forget. I used to have very texturized skin but once I found a routine that worked for my skin, my skin has improved dramatically and I only get a pimple here or there.

2. Less caffeine. I never drank coffee to wake up so this was an easy habit to kick, and I drink water instead to keep my skin happy. 

3. Collagen rich food. Eating more healthy food gives my skin a more youthful, plump appearance that can not be replicated with makeup. 

4. Vitamin C has helped brighten my appearance and has many other benefits.

5. Sleep. Quite possibly the most difficult one for me to get around to simply because sleeping is a challenge for me. I'm energetic and need constant stimulation so chilling out and trying to sleep sounds beyond boring. Going out always leads to late nights/early mornings and that is what affects the appearance of my skin more than anything. When you're asleep, your cells regenerate and contribute to a healthy appearance. I'm taking the rest of February "off" from social gatherings in order to work on my sleeping habits. 

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