Rings on Rings on Rings

With the possibility of Tom Brady winning his 8th Super Bowl ring this upcoming Sunday, I'd like to talk about my long-time favorite accessory: rings. 

Not only are they the easiest way of dressing up any photo of you holding a beverage, they also add a certain flair and interest to an outfit that can't be replicated through a necklace or a pair of earrings. The width of your ring can determine the vibe of your outfit. Dainty jewelry is usually seen as classic and elegant, and look great as midi rings (rings worn on the second knuckle).

Soko Open Circle Statement Ring in  Gold  and Silver

Soko Open Circle Statement Ring in Gold and Silver

While I love dainty jewelry as much as anyone else, it's bold rings with a character that become instant conversation starters. I'm heavily inspired by rock stars and hip-hop artists that don bold, in your face rings because they add an element of cool that can't be replicated by those lacking the personality to wear them. 


I typically get mine secondhand (or as gifts) as those tend to be more unique finds, but cheap rings are also cool in my opinion given my tendency to lose rings easily. What is your preference when it comes to rings: the more the better or do you like to showcase just one standout piece? 

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