#SelfCareSundays: MANIFEST, BITCH.

While it may only be the 64th of January and some of our new year's resolutions have fallen to the wayside of our memories, it does not mean that we are not on track to achieving those goals we set out for ourselves.

Personally, I did a great job of following my updated diet plan for the first two weeks. However, by the third week, a lot of the renewed energy and motivation fell by the wayside and I began to just eat small amounts of whatever I could get my hands on. Not ideal when you're trying to become mostly plant-based (but not vegan), but that doesn't mean I'm going to throw away my goal and go back to eating garbage all the time. Instead, I have done a little course correction to get me back on track with my goals. 

A big part of my intentions for 2018 has to do with being true to myself. True to my creative spirit that had been largely ignored during my time in college. This means leaving positions that were fantastic and emotionally/financially rewarding in exchange for experience in a field I hadn't thought about pursuing until I took business classes for fun during post-grad. 

In the fall, I was nervous before an interview for a super competitive program and a good friend of mine reminded me to manifest a successful interview.


I did not get an invitation to join the program after my interview. It was something I had wanted to do, but it wasn't something I was truly passionate about. My heart wasn't in it, and I was only doing it because of the prestige. Getting rejected was the best thing for both parties in this situation because if I had not been rejected, I would not have realized how much I dread staying in the same field for the rest of my life.  I realized what I'm truly passionate about (something that was obvious to everyone but me) and decided to change things in my life to better serve my interests. 

To keep me motivated -and to release creative energy- I created a mood board with photographs and quotes to remind me of my goals for this year. Goals are met through hard work and time, but they require action above all. In Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, he describes the correlation between time spent practicing and the success of extraordinary individuals. This correlation became engraved in me, and that is why I work every day to develop skills to help be successful in the future. 

Untitled presentation.png

I'm going to set this as my iPhone background as a daily reminder to work towards my goals -in some manner- every single day. This didn't take me long to make, in fact I used Google Presentations to create it and it was the easiest process. If anyone else has made or decides to make a mood board, please share with me! I love learning about other people's goals and I'm just a highly visual person so I crave visual inspiration all the time. 

Peace out! 
- Sandra