(Another) Year of Realizing Things

The great 21st century philosopher Kylie Jenner once said “I feel, like, this year is really about, just the year of realizing things” and the youngest Jenner was not wrong. As every year passes by I realize more and more who I am and where I am meant to go.

This was the year I realized the importance of creating strong foundations in order to build something great. This is only the beginning of a long journey. The only person I will have my entire life is myself, and I intend to continue making myself my first priority in order to be of use to those around me.


Unlike other years, I used this year to spend time alone, intentionally skipping events and choosing to do more low-key things. I realized that I didn’t miss any of it. The people that will last (and are deserving of my effort) are people I can incorporate into my life seamlessly. This can look like buying groceries with my super busy friends so that we can see each other and catch up before we both have to head out on our separate ways to whatever else is on our to do list.

Most importantly, I learned the importance of doing what I love and playing to my strengths. There is enough room at the table for everybody to eat, there is really nothing stopping me from success. I acknowledge my privileges, like having parents that let me take a year off to build my own education and allowing me to skip grad school. I threw away my lifelong plan of pursuing a degree beyond a bachelors and I decided to go into a field that I was naturally drawn to. Not everyone is afforded that privilege and I am beyond humbled, grateful, and indebted to my parents for allowing me to be me.

The best relationship is the one I have with myself, so I hope to continue to express myself as boldly as possible. We’re all meant to shine~ we can’t be afraid of that <3

sandra damian