Holy Harness

In my opinion, this is a staple in any wardrobe regardless of where you plan on wearing it. It adds a bold, edgy touch to any outfit and makes you look irresistible. 

You can layer it on top of your clothes, as styled down below for the brand For Love and Lemons. No doubt that harnesses are associated with BDSM and dominatrixes, but that does not mean that they are exclusive to those wearing this accessory in the bedroom. You can wear this on top of a plain outfit to automatically add an extra bit of edge. This is the most approachable and easy way to wear a harness without exposing a lot of skin.

I love the juxtaposition of a floral, feminine dressed paired with more tough pieces like these military boots and a harness.

I love the juxtaposition of a floral, feminine dressed paired with more tough pieces like these military boots and a harness.

In fact, pairing them on top of demure pieces like a turtleneck gives new life to your closet staples. I would save a look like this for a night out at a show or festival where you can show off more of your personality because this look may not go over well with most employers. 


For those of us who are more daring, harnesses can always be paired with mesh or close to nothing. Fashion is all about self-expression, and why not look (& feel) badass when you're out with your friends? I love the extra boost of confidence I get from wearing something so empowering. What are your thoughts? 

Tuesday Trends: Satin

Tuesday's are my favorite day of the week because by then you've already gotten past the Monday blues and you're ready to take on the world. On the blog, I will be featuring a trend that I am loving for the week.

This week, I am loving anything S A T I N  because of it's beautiful sheen and smooth texture. It automatically elevates any look because of it's polished appearance. Whether it's head-to-toe satin, a slinky dress, or tucked in to your favorite pair of jeans, there is no denying the fabric's luxurious vibe. The fabric conjures images of lingerie, making a simple button up a sexy choice for a date while still remaining modest.

2018 New Year's Resolutions
Hopper & Burr // Santa Ana, CA

Hopper & Burr // Santa Ana, CA

“As a new year approaches, so does the opportunity at a “fresh start” or “reset” on life. 

I don’t even remember what I planned to do with my year at the beginning of 2017. I actually don’t think that I even set any resolutions or made promises to myself. In May, I graduated from university with a bachelor’s in a field that I had been “tracked” towards. However, as I was looking for graduate programs, I realized that none of them sounded as interesting as UX or MBA programs, things that I didn’t even consider during undergrad and I was definitely not qualified to apply to. 

The summer after graduation was really weird, confusing, and I became very physically unhealthy. I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life and now I was more confused than ever about what to do next. 

In August, I decided to write down some promises/resolutions to myself in order to gain control of my seemingly terrible predicament. I set my new intentions (my preferred term) for the remainder of 2017. On a card, I wrote down what needed to change about my life and I gave myself 6-months to complete those tasks.

For 2018, I will continue to work on those four intentions for the upcoming year:

1. HEALTH - I have resolved to work out more frequently (4x a week) and consume less dessert coffee drinks (like 7 Leaves’ House Coffee) and less processed sugar. I don’t aim for abs, but my goal is to stay a size small in tops or 3 in pants. Even if my motivation right now is just to look good, this will definitely benefit my health in the long run.

2. BE TRUE - Meaning, I need to stand for what I stand and not make any excuses for it. I am what I am and I like what I like it, and it doesn’t need to be explained to anyone. If I want to dress like Martha Stewart during the day and the lead singer of a glam metal band at night, then that’s me. It goes a lot deeper than my sartorial decisions, but ya know~


3. DILIGENCE - Now that I'm out of college, I owe it to myself to be productive and pursue things that I love. I'm not going to get anywhere if I don't initiate the pursuit and follow through. Planning is easy, but I won't land a job if I don't follow through with sending in required documents, and I won't lose weight if I don't fit in at least a run into my day. To transition into a better phase of my life, I need to make a concerted effort to change things myself with a strong follow-through.  

4. CREATE MORE - Even as a little kid I loved to create collages, take photos, and curate content online. I lost touch with this creative outlet during undergrad. The only time I got to be creative was at my job, on the rare occasion that we had time to do arts and crafts. I decided to pursue my hobby for taking photos and writing blog posts to compensate for the fact that I was unhappy with my career choices. 

sandra damian

The end of the year is a time of high stress and hopefully a high amount of fun. To make things easier, I have created a series of gift guides for the different people in your life. 

For the first post of this series, we will be looking at gift ideas for the "adult" friend in your life. You know, like the friend that already has a "grown-up" job, is starting their own business, or anyone that could benefit from a purposeful gift. 



1. Leather Envelope
For that friend that prefers to work from a coffeeshop (ahem me), this is a stylish way of carrying all your electronic needs. 

2. Stainless Steel Straws
Simple changes like using a reusable straw or cup will significantly reduce your consumption of plastic. These stainless steel straws have a natural curve that makes it easy to sip on tea or water.

3. Moleskine Planner
Classic, elegant, and timeless, Moleskine planners have been a long time favorite of mine because of the minimalist design. Their planners (and their notebooks) are easy to customize to your own liking and I love that you have the hard cover as an option. I get it every year and it retains its structure. 

4. Louis Vuitton Cardholder
Cardholders are easy to travel with because you never have to worry about whether they will fit into your purse of not. This one from Louis Vuitton is classic, durable, and will elevate any "casual" coffee photo op.

5. The Subtle Art of Not Giving Fuck by Mark Manson
This book is not about being "too cool" and lacking emotion, it's about being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Not everyone in life will succeed, and whether it's fair or not, people need to learn to be okay even when things are not going well. Manson's book reminds you to look at things in an honest perspective, and to stop caring when things truly do not matter. 

6. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
Everyone can exceptional, except they can't. The playing field is definitely not equal and it will take more than just hard work to succeed. In this book, Gladwell dives into the unexpected factors that contribute to success. Did you know that your birthday will determine your chances of playing sports professionally? Read Outliers to find out how your birthday affects your skills. 

7. Cold Brew Coffee Infusion Bottle
Cold brew is "easy" to make because all you need to do is leave coffee beans in cold water overnight, and by morning you have your daily dose of caffeine ready to go. This bottle makes the process that much easier. 


With a natural affinity for more industrial and minimalist aesthetics, the idea of using found items has always been a central focus in my approach to interior design. Cinder blocks are an easy, affordable solution to bring new life into your space. Whether it's the first space you are decorating as an adult or simply changing the vibe of your interior, cinder blocks are the way to go if you want something with a rough edge (literally). 

The following are a couple ways that people on the internet incorporated cinder blocks into their living space. 

1. As a  desk

1. As a desk

2. As a  bedside table
3. As a  media console
4. The cinder blocks and wood panels were all painted the same shade in order to provide a cohesive, unexpected elegance to the room. 

4. The cinder blocks and wood panels were all painted the same shade in order to provide a cohesive, unexpected elegance to the room. 

DIY: Marble Drawer

While there are many tutorials on how to upgrade a regular piece of furniture to a beautiful marble piece using vinyl contact paper, I was hardpressed to find anything using real marble on furniture. 

Recently, my mirrored bedside table tipped over and the drawer was cracked. The mirror would be easy to replace but it was difficult to find a shop that would bevel (cut and smooth) the edges. Therefore, I decided to use this as an opportunity to redecorate my bedside table. I already liked the mirrored aspect of the table so I knew that would remain the same, but I decided to use marble for the drawer. To keep things interesting I went ahead and used a honeycomb tile and the result was beyond what I would have expected. 

Watch the video below to see how I did it! 

Side note: I am not a professional if you would like to recreate this craft do so at your own risk.